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InstaHedge Frequently Asked Questions

We are always more than happy to answer your questions and are always willing and able to assist you by email or on the phone. If in the mean time we are out of hours please have a look through tome of the most commonly asked questions which may give you the answer you are looking for.

What information should I have ready before calling?

In order to give you a more specific answer or recommendation about your trees or hedging, here are a few questions we generally ask or require when dealing with your enquiry:

  • An idea of what you are looking to achieve, any issues with privacy you are trying to resolve, the more idea we have on the situation, the better we can advise.
  • Full delivery address of where the hedging or trees are to be delivered.
  • How many meters of hedging you require or how many trees you require.
  • Access for our delivery lorry.
  • If you require a planting service then a brief description of the site and access, together with photos of the area in question, measurements to get the best idea of the site layout and an obstructions above or underground you may know of.

The best way is to speak to use on what you are looking to plant, where you would like it planted and we can advise from past projects and experience on what will be suitable.

What do I need to consider in purchasing trees and hedging?

These are a few key points which need to be considered when purchasing specimen trees or instant hedging elements, which are as follows:

  • How large is the area I am planting in?
  • Is it close to a building, will it overshadow the garden.
  • Is the sufficient access to get the trees of hedging in?
  • Is there access around the house large enough to get them in, is the lorry able to park on the drive or road and can the diggers get into the planting area.
  • How tall does it need to be?
  • If you have an ideal height we can work around that giving you lower and higher options to best suit your budget.
  • What is the ground like?
  • Is it clay, chalk, does it hold water in the year.

These are all just pointers and things to look at when thinking about what you are looking to achieve and questions we generally ask in order to give you the right options, making sure the planting goes smoothly and you get the right result for your garden. You can always email us photos with a brief overview of what you would like to do, this way we can see what you are looking to do and if needed conduct a site visit.

Should I worry about the roots when planting trees near my house?

  • There are a many opinions on safe tree planting distance from buildings. However, you do need to use some common sense because trees can do damage to foundations if planted too close. We can advise on what we would recommend in terms of planting distances depending on the size of trees or hedging you require and how close you would like it from your property.

 Why is delivery extra?

All our trees and hedging elements are sold without an inclusive delivery cost for a few reasons.

  • We don’t believe that one price suits all, some deliveries are further away, more complicated and should be looked at on an individual basis, so you get the best price for what you require.
  • Due to the size and height of our various hedging elements and tree they are all sent on a curtain sided lorry rather than through the post and is a key element for us to make sure you get your trees or hedging safely delivered at an agreed day/time.
  • In most cases our trees and hedging are too large to be palletised, which is the standard requirement for most transport companies that are handling our products. So they have to be sent on a dedicated lorry loose loaded, as they have to lay down flat.
  • In some cases we can offer a more specialised lorry which is more expensive, however they are designed to not only carry, but come equipped to off-load the trees and a driver who knows how to handle the trees which can save a lot of time and effort on site unloading them and putting them up to the planting area.

Please see our delivery options guide for further information.

Do you offer any aftercare products?

We can offer a range of products for aftercare maintenance, such as the following;

  • Top-dress fertilisers
  • Composts
  • Both underground and over ground irrigation systems
  • Advise over the phone, which is free!

Remember if you have any concerns or just have a couple of questions, just call us or send an email (with or without photos) and we will do our best to offer our advise.