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Instant Support When You Need It

Here is a quick overview of the support we offer

Support comes in many forms throughout the purchasing process and this section is an important step in that process, from ourselves explaining our background, our terms and conditions, to the aftercare that is required once you have made your investment into your garden with beautiful instant hedging, semi-mature trees or pleached trees.

So give you a breakdown on what areas of support you can look at here is a quick run down of what you can find on this page:

  • Why InstaHedge? – See who we are and what our background is
  • Hedge & Tree Care – A general guide and reminders of what to do and look out for
  • Watering & Irrigation – A general guide on how best to water and way to make it easier for yourself
  • Tree Staking – We can offer many options to best anchor your trees at time of planting to after planting
  • Hedge clipping – No one likes a messy hedge, so here are a few tips
  • Hedge & Tree Installation Guide – This is a key area if you are planting yourself
  • Website Terms of Use – Probably not that interesting if you are looking for trees and hedging
  • InstaHedge FAQ – Some general questions and things which might be of interest
  • InstaHedge Terms of Trade – From payment, reserving ordering, delivery, collections, to the kitchen sink

Have a look through the links on the right and if you have any further questions or require any information, just let us know over the phone, on email or our online chat.