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Instant Hedge And Tree Planting Services UK

Planting and installing your new instant hedge or trees is a critical stage for its establishment and , Planting Servicescan be a big operation on your own. There are many areas in which a tree can suffer due to poor planting and will defeat the idea of having a living hedge, so it is best to know what you are doing by the guidance we can give to you or let us do the whole thing for you. It is not only how to best plant your hedging and area in which best it will be suited, but the logistics of how to prepare the area and clear the site on larger projects.

Here is a general breakdown on the main points of what consists in our installation service.

  • Marking out of planting positions
  • Excavation of planting area for hedge or tree pits
  • Unloading of the trees and hedging
  • Planting of the trees or hedging
  • Installing any above or underground anchoring systems
  • Installing any irrigation system
  • Backfilling of the planting area with the good topsoil, whilst mixing in the correct level of compost and rooting compound, and a slow release fertiliser to feed over the plants over the next year
  • Water in your new hedging or trees
  • Removal of excess soil or green debris from the site or to a specified location on site
  • A guide to aftercare and if you have any questions after we leave you can call or email us anytime

Installation is a fairly straight forward process, however like most things, you need to know what you are doing and how best to do it. This is a key process from the delivery of your hedging or trees to them establishing well and giving you the best result.

, Planting ServicesWhilst we will make sure to carry out the planting without any faults, such as damaging any underground services, such as water pipes, electric, cctv, telephone cables etc. It is the customers responsibility to warn of such things and there locations. We will do out best to avoid damaging such services on when on site, but cannot be held responsible if we have not been informed on these details prior to any ground excavations.

Costing and Service Options

We offer a bespoke planting service on all our projects and are happy to talk through costing on an individual basis to make sure you get the correct level of service and that we work with you to achieve the right result you are looking for.

The more information you can supply us with of the area for planting the better and are willing to do site visits to make sure we are clear on all the details.

When installing your hedging or trees we can offer you the complete service from clearance of site, excavation of trench or pits for planting, correct fertilisers/compost, top soil, staking out equipment for trees and irrigation services to you a better service.

We work across the United Kingdom and have a range of equipment to suit all size projects, as well as the knowledge to help you create the complete landscaping picture.