Green Holly Hedging For Evergreen Security

Green Holly Hedging is more than just a spiky hedge!

Yes of course one of the beauties with holly is the two facts that it is evergreen and it has spiky leaves for that extra security factor.  They also change with the season with the small white flowers on some varieties and the red or yellow berries it produces, which is lovely to see, but also a great way to encourage wildlife into the garden, during both the summer and winter months. They can be clipped well into a formal hedge and have a more traditional look to them.

What is Green Holly Hedging like?

Ilex aquifolium is an evergreen plant with spiky leaves, small flowers and, on female plants, showy berries in autumn.

They give a good coverage and a security aspect with the spiky leaves.

Product Specification

Latin Name Ilex aquifolium
Common Name Green Holly
Availability In Stock in wire root balled, root balled or containers
Size 1m-3m high
Type Evergreen
Growth Speed Slow Growing

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