Recreating a natural hedge

What was the problem?

An overturned lorry took out a natural hedge line, which left the garden exposed to the road and wondering how to recreate a mixed hedge, which has developed over time from all sorts of hedging plants.

What was the solution?

Clearing the remained of the hedge which was left from the accident, clearing all the roots out and replacing with a mature native mix hedge to match into the existing surroundings on this country road.

How did we do it?

All roots were removed from the old existing hedge, then the soil was given a boost with some compost and nutrients before the new hedge when in.  We then double planted the hedge, widely to get to the same thickness of the existing boundary with sections of native grown hedging plants, clipped the whole hedge, to best match into shape and then sorted out the road edge by turfing out to match back in.

How did it all work out?

A perfect fit, this natural boundary was recreated and matched into the surrounding area, keeping this area of the garden the same as its always been.