Screening from the walkway

What was the problem?

In central London apartment, with a large set out south facing glass doors, letting in much needed light and air into the apartment, especially during the summer months, however a walkway is right outside the doors and with a big invasion of privacy into the apartment, the doors were closed and blinds down.

What was the solution?

To create a large window box planter to allow the light to come in over the hedge, but most importantly screen the walkway and regain the privacy which has been lost.

How did we do it?

We constructed a pair of bespoke made metal planters all with the correct drainage holes, bolted together and correcting planting medium to allow for a successful instant hedge screen.  Everything was taken up individually and planted in place with minimal mess and disturbance to the other residents to create this privacy screen, as well as match into the existing metal chain railings.

How did it all work out?

The hedge was complete much to the relief of the customer, window blinds up and doors open again, so they can enjoy the summer, without being closed up inside.  All kept within the narrow rooftop space, just goes to show that anything is possible and an instant hedge can fit in the smallest of spaces.