Replacement damaged hedge

What was the problem?

A neighbouring farm building behind a large conifer hedge caught fire and severely damaged the garden hedge by burning the top and side out.

What was the solution?

Feeling the existing fire damaged hedge, removal of stumps, clearing old wire stock fencing and replacing the hedge to the customers desired height and variety.

How did we do it?

The first aspect of this planting project was to remove the existing damaged hedge safely from site and clear all debris away from the planting area.  Once this had been achieved, we could then stump grind out all old stumps and dig any out if needed, excavating the trench for the new lower evergreen hedge to go in.  Planting of hedging, adding in all the correct nutrients and feed to add back into the soil.  Installing the new wire stock fence behind the hedge line and a small area of turfing on the fire damaged ground.

How did it all work out?

The new hedge was at a height for the customer to easily clip and maintain, the boundary fence was re-installed to as it should be and the new laurel hedge, gave enough screen from persons seeing into the garden and the livestock in the field.