Replacing a mature hedge

What was the problem?

A mature front garden in a rural village was destroyed by an upturned tractor and trailer, resulting in the existing mature privet hedge half destroyed, along with a range of specimen trees and mature shrubs.

What was the solution?

The site would be cleared and all previous damaged hedging and trees removed safely from the road edge. Take out the remainder of the hedge to make way for a new instant hedge and specially selected mature trees to recreate the garden.

How did we do it?

Once we had cleared the site, we then set about double planting a 1.5m yew hedge to recreate the same maturity of the hedge line and give a full evergreen instant hedge line.  Specimen semi-mature trees were planted in behind the hedge line to replace the trees that were damaged and more mature shrubs to get the garden back to how it was before the accident.  The road edge was then built back up and all turfed up to give the finished result.

How did it all work out?

The Yew hedge created the much needed instant mature boundary from the road, the trees fitted into the existing boundary and the whole from garden looked as if nothing had happened straight after planting and matured well in the next couple of years, as if nothing had ever happened.