Instant hedging to create privacy

What was the problem?

Two new penthouse apartments were just constructed, with a great large balcony, however due to the angle of the two apartments and being all glass fronted, both apartments could see inside each other living space.  So after many attempts with materials and panels, the wind was too strong and caused damage to the existing screens.

What was the solution?

This is when we came in, offering an evergreen screen, which also let the wind through, not causing any damaged to the existing structure and adding a much needed bit of green to the balcony as well.

How we did it?

We constructed a double row of metal planters, bolted together, with all the correct drainage holes and planting material for the hedging to grow well in for a long time, all taken up in component form to the top floor and planted when in place, creating the much need screen for both apartments and feature to the existing area, which will get better each year.

How did it all work out?

Both residents were relived to see the screen in place and although they got on, they didn’t want to intrude on each others living space, now what once was an unused balcony and a couple residents which the blinds down during the day, can now enjoy the view in privacy!