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When things get damaged it can not only be upsetting at what has been done, but how it can be replaced, especially when it comes to trees and hedging. However there is a solution and whatever damaged has occurred, there is a solution to replace your existing mature garden, back to the way it was. Here are a few case studies to show how we have taken damaged garden and put them back to their former glory!

Fire damaged hedge

Replacement damaged hedge What was the problem? A neighbouring farm building behind a large conifer hedge caught fire and severely damaged the garden hedge by burning the top and side out. What

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Mature native hedge reinstalled

Recreating a natural hedge What was the problem? An overturned lorry took out a natural hedge line, which left the garden exposed to the road and wondering how to recreate a mixed hedge, which

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Car through the hedge!

Filling the gap in the hedge What was the problem? In the middle of the night, a drunk driver drove through a mature holly hedge damaging part of the hedge

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