Before & After

Here you find some useful before and after photos of past projects we have worked on, installing our instant hedges, pleached trees, topiary and mature trees. So you can see how much of an instant impact our products can make straight away when first planted up!

Exposed to the road

A busy one way street in front of the house was causing an issue both during the day and night, from car lights glaring in the house from the driveway

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High hedge required

This overgrown leylandi hedge was tolerated to screen the houses windows next door and keep the privacy to both the house and the garden, but after attempts to under-plant with smaller plants and clip

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Front Garden Landscape

Here we landscaped the whole garden.  Putting in a new driveway and York stone pathway with cast iron gate posts.  Removing everything from site, including the existing trees and planting,

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Pleached Tree Screen

Here are some of our pleached hornbeam, used along side a driveway to screen off the houses in the background to create more privacy.  Here you can see them beign

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Yew hedging for an entrance

Here are some of our large yew hedging elements screening off an entrance, behind a low wall to create instant privacy from the road and a beautiful backdrop as well to the

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