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Find out what we can offer you at InstaHedge and how to make your ideas a reality.

Instant Hedges

Planting Services

We can offer the full planting service, so your hedging and trees get the best start.

Instant Hedges

Hedge & Tree Care

A range of tips and guidelines can be found here on how best to look after your new hedging and trees.

The UK’s Leading Hedging & Planting Solutions

Imagine your garden with the hedging already grown, trees looking like they have been there for years, when really they have only been a couple of days and that special topiary piece to give that extra talking point when enjoying your garden with friends and family.

You’re not just buying a hedge, you’re buying time!

If you are adding to an existing garden or starting a new one, take out the waiting time and get the key areas of your garden instantly planted up and start enjoying it now! Even if you have to fix or replace some hedging or trees, we can match into your existing plants and make it look like nothing has ever happened with our range of instant hedges.

Please have a look at what instant hedging and planting solutions we can offer and if you require any information or just need a bit of advise call, email or chat online today. We look forward to hearing from you and making your garden dreams a reality.

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Case Studies - Before & After

Here you can see some of our past projects to get inspiration or ideas for your own garden project.

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Instant Hedges

Looking for our other solutions?

If you are looking for some temporary hedging for an event, look at our sister businesses.

Instant Hedges
Instant Hedges
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